Ryan Reynolds, a superhero and multi faceted actor

Actors live glass bowl lives, fully exposed to the public glare, and in front of flash light cameras. Sometimes they become famous for the way they live their lives rather than for their acting talents. Ryan Reynolds, the Canadian and American film actor is going through a phase in his career when he is becoming more famous for his personal life not for his actions in front of the movie cameras.  Ryan, whose acting has been appreciated and praised in several movies in the past, had a lean period in the middle of his career when he acted in several uninspiring movies, but 2009 he acted in many movies that showed his acting talent to perfection.  However, by that time he had become more famous for his personal life. The newspapers are now full of his personal life, his divorce from his first wife and remarriage and how the couple is recently not very happy and have trust issues.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds was born in Canada in a fairly well to do family; he is the youngest of four brothers.  Ryan says that he was a very sensitive child, not very self confident in school and to hide his sensitive nature, he started taking part in the plays in the school.  His acting talent was noted and appreciated; when he was 12 he started working professionally in a television serial called “Hillside”. He played the role of a teenager in the serial.  The serial ran for nearly three years.  In America the serial was called ‘Fifteen’.

Ryan went through a lean period after Fifteen ended. He managed to survive by playing small roles in other television series, including ‘X-Files’, but had to take odd jobs in order to survive.  He had finished school and was struggling to establish himself as an actor. He moved to Los Angeles and this was a wise move because he managed to land up several small roles in television series and movies.  In 1998 he picked up a role in a sitcom called ‘Two Guys, and a Girl’.  The show ended in 2001 and Ryan graduated to acting in movies. He worked in a number of movies starting from ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder’, ‘Blade: Trinity’, and ‘The Amityville Horror’. From 2009 onwards he starred in several blockbuster movies, including ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and ‘The Proposal’.  His latest movies ‘The Green Lantern’ and ‘The Change-Up’ showed his ability to act comic roles to perfection.  Presently, it is reported that he has several other projects in hand. During this period he had become very famous for his personal appeal.

Ryan Reynolds

The People’s magazine had put him on the list of the sexiest man in 2008.  He has become famous for his relationships, marriages and divorce.  He dated Alanis and even announced his engagement with her in 2004.  After a long period of relationship the couple announced that they were separating.  Ryan then dated and married actress Scarlett Johansson, but after a while the same pattern was repeated and the couple announced their separation and then divorce in 2011.  Ryan is now married to Blake Lively, who acted with him in Green Lantern.  However, it is recently reported in the press that Blake is not very happy with Ryan’s relationship with Siena Miller, his co star in Mississippi Grind. Maybe Lively feels that the same pattern of close relationship that she developed when Ryan is married to Scarlett is repeating again. However, whatever may be the reason the media is full reports of that Ryan is on the verge of second divorce.

Ryan is a good actor, he has a great repertoire of acting skills, and he fits the role of action hero, a comedian, and a romantic role equally well.  He reached the superhero bracket with his last two films Green Lantern and Deadpool.  He played the role of ace fighter pilot in Green Lantern, who becomes a superhero.  This movie made him a hit with young fans.  In Deadpool he is the tough guy.  Many actors work a lifetime without getting a super hero stage and Ryan has reached that stage with these two movies.  Fans say that Ryan shines in his role in Trinity Blade. His role as a Hannibal King needed a comic turn up as well as muscle power and in the movie his humour and sarcastic one liner simply floored his fans.


Talent, good looks, money and fame, few people have all these in their lives, Ryan Reynolds has all these in ample quantity. He has a loving wife who cares for him and would like their marriage to succeed and last for a long time.  It would be a pity if Ryan throws all this away in a moment of indiscretion.  His fans hope to see him in many blockbuster movies in future and Ryan has still got a lot of talent and acting skill that is likely to take him to a greater height.


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