How I was surprised by GoDaddy

I have been a customer of a top registrar for the last 7 years and due to some issues with them, I was looking for moving to another registrar + web host.

A close friend had his domains setup at GoDaddy and I was initially quite skeptical about using them. This was because I’ve seen a lot of negative articles written about GoDaddy. Infact¬† has 177 complaints registered against them! Then there was their support for the SOPA and PIPA and news about their CEO killing an elephant!

Against all negative reviews on social media, I decided to try them out and what was surprising was how good their customer support actually is! I had to transfer a domain from my previous registrar to them and they helped me each step of the way.

The plethora of services that they provide is astonishing. I now use them as my webhost and have picked up a bunch of awesome domains from their auctions. If you buy domains from auctions, you got to try this free chrome extension out for godaddy auctions. Look out for the closeout auctions that let you pick up great domains for less than $12.

I love the promotions that they have especially on domains names. Often you’ll be able to use a promo code to buy a domain for $1. The only downside to GoDaddy is that the domain prices rise from the next year and become a lot costlier than what you would pay at services like Namecheap or NameSilo.

That said, I have no regrets with staying back with GoDaddy and I have been really surprised with the support I got, despite what all the online reviews said.




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