Florida has plenty of places that are good for surfing

Swimming, surfing, and water skiing are popular sports, enjoyed equally by the beginners and experts alike. The beginners love falling, going under the wave while surfing and when occasionally they can ride a wave in an upright position, they are likely to get an enormous feeling of satisfaction and joy.  However, there are a few areas in the world where the beginners can surf without risk of going under. Only one place is known for waves that are gentle and rarely rise to dangerous levels.  Surf reports say that Florida is the safest place for the beginners to surf without danger.

florida surf

Florida has a thousand miles of coastline where people can surf all the year round. Both East and West coast have good surfing spots. Florida compared to other countries is not a good surfing place because it has a continental shelf, but there are some areas that generally get some good surfing swells and surfers can enjoy surfing there.  Also, there some hidden corners and places where the waves are consistent when the tide is right and surfers can have a good time surfing in these areas. The best surfing spots in Florida are divided between the Atlantic coast of East Florida and the south coast.  In the north area of the east coast the waves are more consistent, but they generally last for a shorter period and hence are not good for surfing.  The main problem is that though waves are good they are too close to the shore and do not last longer to allow surfers to ride them with ease.  Parts of Florida do not get good swells because Bahamas Island blocks the storms.  However, there are several inlets that are good for surfing, and these include ‘Sebastian Inlet, New Smyrna Inlet, Ponce Inlet, Reef Road and Ansatasia Island, St. Augustine’.

The area known as First Peak in the Sebastian Inlet gets good swells, good enough to do airs and cutbacks. The locals love surfing here and one place, known as ‘Spanish House’, is likely to get one or two good swells as well, but most of the area is full of what is called ‘shifting sands’ that is not very good for surfing. Nevertheless, it is a good place to spend a whole day because there are good food outlets and has plenty of parking places and clean showers as well. It enjoys a good deal traffic and it was known in the past as well for good surfing.

Florida surf

There are some places in Florida that are well known because they are shark infested.  New Smyrna is one such place, it has reported the maximum number of shark attacks on swimmers and surfers; however, it gets great swells and surfers flock to the place to surf, despite the danger of the shark attacks.  It is easy to spend a whole day surfing in this area because throughout the day the area get swells and waves that are ridable. It is situated near Ponce Inlet and Dayton Beach, both good surfing areas.

Areas like Ponce and Dayton Beach are very popular with the local surfers and have great hotels and night life as well, but the local surfers are likely to get aggressive because they think it is their territory and outsiders need to keep their tempers in check if they do not want to get into a spat and spoil a perfect surfing day.  Sometimes waves are very good when the swell is running well.  However, this happens occasionally and if you really want to surf for a long time, you can go further down to a place called Reef Road.

Florida is also famous for its high living luxurious housing and Reef Road is very near these luxury houses.  The water at Reef Road is very clear and the temperature is just right, not too cold, to spend a whole day surfing in the sea.  The waves are sometimes enormous and a good and experienced surfer can enjoy the thrill of riding a big one.  Sometimes the waves spiral and it becomes a very enjoyable experience to ride a speeding wave. However, the place is crowded most of the day and it may be difficult to find a good parking space.

St. Augustine or St. Auggie as it is called affectionately is known for its safe and crowded beaches, but there are areas less well known that are very good for surfing.  Surfing is particularly good in the early hours of the day.  There are plenty of secluded places not known to the crowd and you can sometimes surf alone or in the company of only few surfers.  You have to spend a little time finding these places and once you have found then you can have a good day surfing.

florida surfing

Florida can get very hot during summer, and during Hurricane season though there are good swells the weather becomes dicey and it is not good to be caught in the middle of the torrential rain and winds.  The best season for surfing in Florida is between September to November, the weather is balmy and the temperature is not too uncomfortable

Surfers generally travel to faraway places for good surfing; however, some Florida surfing spots are good for sporting as well.  You can get spend a number of days surfing on sporting spots both in the East and West coasts in Florida.  Select a spot recommended in many brochures and articles and enjoy yourself surfing in the cool waters of the Mexico Gulf.


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