Inception hurts the brain!!

Movies are the best means of entertainment, they are also called lazy way of enjoyment, the viewer need not indulge in any physical or mental activity, and just sits back and enjoys the panorama that enfolds before their eyes.  This is the best means of enjoyment, watching someone else’s life as a spectator.  However, there are movies with complicated plots, the viewer needs to perform complicated mental gymnastic to comprehend the story.  These movies, though they are also named as entertainment, are complicated jigsaw puzzle that needs to be solved and understood layer by layer.  The enjoyment element comes from trying to unravel the plot and keeping up with what is happening on the screen.  Inception, a movie described as science fiction, and directed, produced and written by Christopher Nolan falls in the category of a movie that entertains yet invites the audience to be mentally alert in they want to comprehend what is happening on the movie screen.


Christopher Nolan along with impressive caste of well known actors and actresses has made a masterpiece that tantalizes, entertains, but through complicated sets and special efforts forces the audience to sit up and think.  The plot is complicated and the action moves from reality to dream and then back to reality.  It is difficult to grasp and understand the situation momentarily.  Nolan, the director who has also directed ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Prestige’ is said to have worked on the movie for a long time.  The result is a masterpiece that has said to cost $ 160 million but has grossed a profit of $825.5 million at the box office. The movie has unique plot, racy dialogue, excellent acting, phenomenal sets, realistic special and visual effects and panoramic locations, that move from Japan to London and Canada.

The plot is complicated and cannot be simplified and summarized in few paragraphs.  The story starts from the conception that can be planted in the unconscious minds of any individual to change the course of action, and the individual in question accepts the idea as his or her own.  However, to implant the idea one needs to enter the dream of the recipient and plant the idea.  Leonardo DiCaprio plays the character of shady industrial spy that specializes in extracting and selling industrial secrets to the prospective client.  However, DiCaprio is not a normal spy, he shares dreams with his victims and implants ideas in their dream to change their behavior.  He is called Dom Cobb, a character with shady past on run because he was accused of killing his wife.  The movie opens with Cobb, along with his partner, Arthur, trying to convince a Japanese tycoon to buy their scam of extracting ideas from his competitors through shared dream. Saito hires Cobb to try and break up an industrial organization that would make his own company the single most important conglomerate  in the world.  Cobb refuses in the beginning but agrees to take up the project when Saito tells him that he can, with a single telephone call, remove the murder charge and Cobb can reunite with his children.  Cobb set out to gather a team for the project.  He hires an architecture student Ariadne played by actress Ellen Page, to create sets for the dreams.  He goes to Mombasa to hire a local chemist, Yusuf, played by Dileep Rao, who has the drug that allows people to sleep and start dreaming.  Their target is Robert Fischer, heir to Saito’s rival organization.


The team sets to work and starts the process of sharing dreams and performing their allotted tasks.  The plot is complicated and at times tortuous to follow.  There are a series of dream, where action takes place, places crumble and topple, things explode with tremendous noise, people are washed in the water and survive.  In the end they all wake up to realize that the project was successful Robert decides to break up his company, Saito gets his wish to become the owner of a single biggest organization in the world, and Cobb gets his wish to be reunited with his children.  However, the audience left wondering whether Cobb was able to plant the idea of breaking up his company in
Robert’s mind or not.

DeCapiri and the other actors and actresses are superb in their roles.  Ken Watanabe is taciturn, calm and collected in his role as a Japanese tycoon; Ellen Page as a young architect student looks fresh, and performs her role excellently as an enthusiastic, confused and mentally disturbed young girl who finds the situation difficult.  Marion Cotillard as Cobb’s dead wife, Dileep Rao as Yusuf the chemist, and Michael Caine in a chemo role of Cobb’s father-in-law form a formidable team that helped the movie to win four ‘Academy Awards’, and be nominated for another four Academy Awards.


The movie was filmed in many different locations, Tokyo, London, France, Morroco and Los Angles.  The sets were created using state of art technology.  Nolan avoided as far as possible computer generated visual effects.  He wanted to realistic touch because he thinks that computer generated visual effects at some point of time, appear unrealistic.  However, at times graphics were used enhance the effects.

The concept that ideas can change a course of action is not new, what is new is the concept that the ideas can be implanted in the mind without the individual finding out that it is an alien idea, by sharing of a dream by many individuals.  Like a chip implant that is physically inserted the idea planted in the mind take over and followed unconsciously by the dreamer.  The movie played in packed movie theatres all over the world.  It generated many follow up advertising gimmicks and computer games.  It created an Inception game played through inception appthat makes the player experience his life as a dream.



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