Dwayne Wade is an eclectic personality

Dwayne Wade is known for many things, he is a professional NBA player who is always elegantly dressed outside basketball court and has set a fashion trend for professional athletes. He is also a brand model and a person who deeply cares for the communities.  He has added one more title to his long list of accomplishments that of a writer, with the publication of his book, ‘A Father First’.  Dwayne Wade is an eclectic personality; his bad traits are balanced by his good traits, his deep love for his boys.  His story starts with a meteoric rise in life after being born on the wrong side of the railway tracks. On the other hand, he is not very lucky in his personal relationships; he is still involved in an after divorce, a legal battle with his ex-wife and his off and on relationship with this girlfriend.

Dwayne  is a professional NBA player, known for his skills both as a scorer and a defender on the basketball court. There is nothing spectacular about his play, but on many occasions he continues to score against unimaginable odds.  He is both stylish and graceful on the basketball court. Dwayne’s awards and nomination cover half a page and it is difficult to list all, but some of the well known awards out of that list are a gold medal in the Olympics, four time NBA All Star winner, three times All NBA selection and one of People’s 50 most beautiful person.

Dwayne Wade

Born in an estranged family, Dwayne was brought up by his father and stepmother, and gives full credit to his elder sister for looking after him during his childhood. Born in 1982, in a modest home his idol was Michael Jordan and like all boys with modest means he dreamt of making big in basketball.  He started playing basketball in the school and continued with the game during college years as well. During his two year stint at Marquette, Dwayne continued his meteoric career as a scorer and defender, he set the record of averaging 19.7 points, blocking 79 shots and stealing 150.  His dream came true when he was selected to play in Miami Heat in NBA 2003 draft. With Dwayne as a part of the team Miami Heat continues to reach many unheard goals.

In the advertising world Dwayne is a valuable brand, his sophisticated and charming personality suits the persona needed to advertise many brands and he continues to be a very sought after model for famous names like Jordan Brand, T-Mobile, Pepperidge Farm, Mission Products and Gatorade. He has appeared on the covers of many famous magazines, such as Esquire, GQ Magazine, Men’s Health, ESPN magazine and Ocean Drive.  He has designed his own signature WADE shoe that has proved to be very popular and sought after by men.  The money that he gets from these advertisements and special appearance is not known, but what is known what Dwayne does with that money. He has established a foundation for the welfare of the community.

Dwayne Wade

  ‘Dwayne and the Wade’s World Foundation’ are purely a charitable organization that is dedicated to hosting charitable functions in collaboration with other nonprofit organizations.  In 2011 he refurbished an entire basketball court for the women basketball players and athletes. Every year since 2005 his foundation hosts a Christmas party, in South Florida, for children who take an active part in non-profit organizations and young members of local churches, in an amusement park.  Dwayne and one of his team mates personally interact with the children during these parties. His foundation, in collaboration with other charitable organizations, hosts several beneficial functions every year.  To help victims of cyclone Katarina, Dwayne toured New Orleans, sponsored three homes and saw to it that many families are given survival kits.  He and his teammate Alonzo Mourning together were able to raise nearly $ 1 million to help victims of the Haitian earth quake. Dwayne’s contribution for the welfare of the community is outstanding; however, on the personal forefront his life is not so outstanding.

Dwayne was locked in a divorce proceeding from his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, his high school girlfriend, whom he married in 2002 and sought to divorce in 2007.  The divorce finally came through in 2013, after a monumental acrimonious battle, in the meantime, many juicy gossips news bites were revealed to the public.  Dwayne paid a huge amount as alimony to his ex wife, but he was granted sole custody for his two younger sons, Zaire and Zion, with visiting rights given to his wife. His wife has filed another legal petition to get the sole custody of the two boys and at times even resorted to street protest against Dwayne, she is also asking for more alimony.  The sordid saga of washing dirty linen in public continues, and both parties intent on their own positions have not stopped to think what effect this may be having on their four children.  The couple also has two older boys. In the meantime, Dwayne has a penned a book soon after the divorce with the title ‘A Father First’.

Dwayne Wade

 The title of the book is ‘A Father First’ and a subtitle that appears on the cover of the book says ‘How my life became bigger than basketball’. The cover of the book also has a charming picture of Dwayne with his two younger sons, giving an impression of a devoted father along with his loving sons.  Dwayne wade says that in this book he penned all the emotions he felt as a father of young children.  He also goes on to say that he has a life apart from basketball and a model that poses for advertisements he is, also, a caring father and feels that it is time the general public knows about his other role as well.  Though the book was hailed by some critics as an authentic pouring of parental emotions, others have dismissed it as one sided narrative view.  He plans to go on a book tour of several major cities in September this year.

Lives of celebrities are a mixture of glamour, reality and sweat and tears; Dwayne Wade’s life also has many accolades, adoration as well as personal grief and personal life.  This is nothing new; a perfectly happy life is a fairy tale and a myth and as such exists only in the pages of books.  Dwayne also continues to live a life that swings between happiness and sorrow like the rest of the human race.


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