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I was a given a very unusual name by my parents; can you guess what it is? I will give you a clue; it starts with and ends with an “A”. It is Adva, rather an unusual name for a girl, but I am comfortable with it now. When I was in school, my classmates used to tease me; most people call me Vantage Jones; they say it is difficult to say Adva. Vantage is my middle name and most of my friends call me Vantage or simply Vanny. My parents lived in a house near the sea, so I grew up swimming and surfing. Surfing is still my passion, I try and take time out from my busy work schedule and go surfing with my friends. Are you wondering why I am writing about myself? I have decided that in this piece of writing, I am going to talk about myself; this piece of writing is going to be all about my hobbies, my interests and why my friends call me ‘Vantage’.

I am working as a recruitment consultant in a Human Resources firm, most of the time I am busy with interviews, judging, grading and matching skills of the candidates with our client’s requirements. My work is very time consuming and hard, but I love my job because I am a people’s person, I get along with all types of people and that helps me in my career. However, there is no doubt that my job is hard, it leaves me mentally drained and I need time to get away from people and relax.

I grew up in a house near the sea, even when I was a toddler, I used to paddle on the beach, trying to swim; I grew up to be a very good swimmer, and became interested in surfing. I enjoy riding the waves and coming on top, the exhilaration one experiences while surfing is hard to put into words. I am a fairly good surfer, but I do not like entering surfing contests and trying to score points against other surfers. I only like to enjoy the surge of energy that comes to you when you are alone with the waves, ocean and the sound of the sea. I love the action that starts with a calculation, how to balance and place oneself on the surfboard and ends with and riding the wave.

My other hobby is watching basketball matches, alive when NBA tournaments are played in my home town Sarasota, in Florida or watching matches on the television. I try and watch as many matches as possible during the season. People say that surfing and basketball are two different types of sports; they are puzzled by my hobbies. Sometimes I try to explain that I surf because I am good at it, but I love watching basketball because it involves quick thinking; basketball needs a particular type of skill that combines both physical and mental activities. It is thrilling to watch the speed and fast action that is taking place during a basketball match, all that energy, disciplined and directed towards shooting a ball in a hoop.

My favorite basketball player is Dwyane Wade. He is a professional basketball player who is now playing for the Miami Heat. I would like to explain here for the benefit of people who are not aware of the names of basketball clubs that ‘Miami Heat’ is the name of a club affiliated with the National Basketball Association (NBA). Let us go back to Dwyane, he is very tall, nearly 6 feet 4 inches and takes advantage of his height to score hoops. On the basketball court, he is so quick that sometimes it is difficult for other players to guard him.

My other hobby is watching movies, along with my friends in a theater or alone in my living room watching videos on my big television screen. I love the hustle and bustle of going to movie halls, buying tickets and munchies, mostly popcorn in my case, settling down in a comfortable seat and waiting for the moment when the lights are dimmed and you are transported to another reality and world. My favorite movie star, at the moment is Leonardo DI Caprio, he is so cool in the movie Inception, the way he molds himself in the character he plays is simply fantastic. I watched this science fiction thriller many times and each time, though I know what is coming by heart, I feel thrilled by the slick action and twists and turns in the plot. Inception is all about planting or rather implanting someone else’s idea into the unconscious mind of another person.

Though at the moment I like watching Leonardo DI Caprio, my all time favorite actors remain Ryan Reynolds, the guy who played the part of Michael Bergen in the sitcom ‘Two Guys and a Girl’. I grew up watching the episodes of this series and I am fascinated by the natural way Ryan says his dialogues and acts in the serial. I have recorded the series on a video and sometimes late in the night when I am very tired, I watch one or two serials, it relaxes me and I sleep peacefully after watching the videos.

I think I have given you some insight on who I really am. A person, who loves fast and furious physical activity of surfing, loves watching basketball and movies. This is just a glimpse of who I really am; there are other layers of my personality that I like to keep to myself.

- Adva

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